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“I am blown away! These are awesome, your description did not do them justice....”
John Knox Canadian Recreational Products

“Frank, You’re a machine! Nice! Cheers, Beers are on me!...”
Jeff M. Stephens director sales & marketing Think Postcards

“Hey Frank, Stan loves the latest version you completed.  I need him in a couple of formats and then you can bill me~ Hooray!
Please call me on Monday,Thanks for your great work on this project."

Narda Philpott Marketing Director Philpott Marketing

“We received the cards and they are amazing. It was a pleasure working with you again”
Shana, Caraco Pharmaceuticals.

“..PERFECT!!!!!! You are awesome……Thanks”
Robb Pollioni, Disney Vacation Specialist

“Frank you’re funny =)
The client loved it. I have the  file you sent earlier.
THX for the quick turnaround.
Best Regards,”

Monica Piccininno Senior Print & Production Manager

Frank, you are a you're a find. I'm tempted not to tell anyone about you ...but of course I will. You take such good care of your clients! Thank you thank you thank you!...“...Great to have someone capable and dependable like you!...”
Anne Brown S.T.A. Inc.
frank bailey illustrator artist
“Frank - I love it.  It's absolutely perfect...
I'll be in touch.  Thanks  - it's amazing.”

Diane Goldsmith P.C. Holiday Fund Raising

Brilliant!!!!!  I can submit them as they are to the publication..”

Candy Clancy  Lemon Aide Face Fix  

“Awesome!! I love it. Thanks so much.”
Doreen Schwartze Blue Mountain Healthcare

“I am so thankful Frank. You are great!”
Gabriella- Sanborg media

Thanks!!! Just awesome, way to go Frank,...”

Scott Breard Hot Shots Canada

“Hi Frank,
Awesome job. Thank you for everything.
Sincerely,  :)”

Fern Lee - ext. 225

“How did you do that ???That's so cool. The
illustrations of the devices are right-on....
... Perfect Frank,  As always you've captured the "Feel"

Bill Eddy Injury Managemant Centre

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