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I have people call me in the past and say things like "how much would you charge to draw my car?” Those same people would never phone a garage and ask how much to fix my car without bringing the car to the garage and letting the mechanic see what needed to be done before he could give an estimate. The same principle applies in my line of work. Each job is unique by its complexity, usage and budget. If you are up front about your budget and your needs we can usually find away to make it work.

Once we decide on a price I usually ask for a deposit to get started in earnest on your project. I have found that a mutual investment in the job makes it go smoother for both parties.

I have a diverse customer base and since I began my career many carrots have been dangled in front of my nose. "Just do this job for a fraction of what it's worth today and there will be an abundance of profitable work to tomorrow", is the basic line that is couched in so many fine entrepreneurial sounding phrases.
If you were intending that principal to be the basis of our potential business relationship please scroll directly to page 196 for further instructions.

Whether you have a large or small budget you will always get my best as quickly and economically as possible. My business is the same as yours or any other, in that there is always someone offering to do it cheaper if you look hard enough and one or two of my customers in the past have been tempted to bite into the apple from that particular tree. But they have always come back as they re-discover that dependability, creativity, and quality are investments not expenses and always show favorable returns.

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