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In many web portfolios you will see Case Studies accompanying the samples. For myself that practice has always seemed like explaining the punch line to a joke.  I prefer to show you the 'goods' and let the creativity and professionalism of the work speak for itself. After all, isn't that what they are supposed to do? Please click on to the contact page and indulge your curiosity, I will be grateful for the interest and happy to create your signature branding and illustrations.

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These are unique gifts and memories. There is nothing quite as personal and rewarding. All my caricatures are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, especially the subject. Consequently the editorial, unflattering, distorted features type of rendering will never be a feature of this section. However if that's what you need...we should talk offline.
I have done literally thousands of logos over the years for a diverse range of clients from corporate CEO's sitting behind polished teak desks in monolithic glass skyscrapers to one person enterprises working on the ironing board in the dry walled laundry room of their basements. Whatever organization or business you are promoting the investment in your graphic identity will energize and springboard your marketing strategies. I will work with you to bring your vision to life. Click here to see more logos. The ever popular sports logos deserve a page of their own. To view them, please click here.
Since the marketing explosion of the last twenty years graphics need to work harder than ever before. From the sharp high tech look of the ever expanding digital universe through the crisp clear functionality of the business card and stationery to a dynamic vehicle wrap or trade show icon. Your graphics must communicate effectively to your audience.
I grew up with cartoons and as I look around at the world I am pleased to see they grew up with me. All my cartoons start off as a pencil sketch and no matter what miracles technology may come up with, they always will.

Manipulating photographs is a huge part of the industry, and I can certainly Photoshop along with the best of them.  For those projects when only the simplicity and purity of a line illustration will do FBG fits the bill. Precise detail is what you get at Frank Bailey Graphics.

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