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A Hearty Welcome! Park your mouse and stop a while!
Whether by intent, clumsy typing skills, or the capricious whims of the internet gods, you have arrived at the website of  Frank Bailey Graphics.
This site exists to showcase the work of Frank Bailey who,for the last three decades, has had the good fortune to earn a living as a graphic designer, cartoonist and illustrator and has every intention of giving it a go for three more.


Hockey LOGO - ILLUSTRATION, TEAM SHIRT, youtube banner and jacket!
LOTS OF RAVES OVER THIS DESIGN! A big hit with the crowds! Today we loaded up the youtube banner. (Sept 2015)
MY HOMETOWN - from Liverpool
frank baily illustrations
It was really nice to get an email this year to do a illustration for a Liverpool (England) magazine  called PRIVATE LIFE, Jan. 2015.

What a great compliment!
Award Winning Artist
Frank has received recognition for his artwork 2012 Design Award: Silver Medal La Sima from Beverage World. If you are just browsing to look at the pictures go ahead and enjoy! If you are in the market for some graphics then hopefully you will agree that the following pages highlights a disciplined  mix of artistic creative thinking and technical proficiency.

Whether your needs are, web based graphics, artwork for printing, marketing, advertising or absolutely anything else. Frank Bailey Graphics brings a lifetime of experience to the table.
caricatures for hockey cards
Your own hockey Card ....memories
Surprise your guy with their very own custom hockey card, poster or pillow case. Your artwork--Put it anywhere you like.  Let everyone know who you are and leave a little cheer along the way.
How about a flag or a picture framed for your room?
Order your custom caricatures for business, corporations and sports leagues. Or, just for Harry or Harriette.
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See more caricatures.
swim illustrations.
Frank Bailey, our English IMPORT....
Although he cannot carry a note in a bucket his place in musical history is assured, because as a pink cheeked youth, he once painted a mural on the cavern wall in Liverpool where the Beatles played back in the 60's. You will hear his Liverpool accent when you talk to Frank. There are artists and then there are ARTISTS! Frank has a clever wit that manifests itself boldly in his illustrations and caricatures. You will not have to scroll through the site too far to see the high standard and quality work. ( Frank is working on next year's catalogue cover, 2015)

Sports Shirt Design
Frank Bailey Designs for SSS Canada Professional Darts Wear. See more of the collection of eye catching sports shirts all designed by Frank Bailey.
Requested a caricature for your business from the award winning Frank Bailey.

The Personal Touch!
Look good on business cards, post cards, company greeting cards, promotional flyers and websites.
Men in kilts--only in Scotland. A trend that is adopted by the Scots. What is very trendy is caricature art, placed on any medium.
To view more illustrations please click on Frank's work  
Banner  Design
graphic artist, frank bailey
This banner designed for Lorne Park Jewellers -- as seen at the Mississauga's Hersey Arena where our own Steelheads hockey team resides.  
Fashion Design
shoe-design illustrations
Frank will transfer your shoe design on paper for the manufacturer to start production. The need for detail is very critical. Frank is one of the few artists that will design on paper before it goes on the screen. By doing this, the detail is replicated to the very last pixel.

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